Adam and Eve sat under a tree
But the Lord said to them “That’s not meant for thee.
That’s the tree of all knowing,
That I have been growing.
Get out of this garden and leave it for me.”

Siddharta Gautama sat under a tree
Just as peaceful and quiet as a monk should be
When a flash of insight made him awake
“Knowledge is not for some Lord to take.
Think for yourself; become enlightened like me.”

Isaac Newton sat under a tree
And a juicy red apple fell on his knee.
“Experience is the essence – not the teachings of old
Learn to test everything that you have been told
True knowledge from science is beginning with me.”

Charles Darwin sat under a tree
Looked up at its branches and knew it must be
That amoeba and fishes and insects and frogs
And beetles and horses and monkeys and dogs
Come from the same roots as do you and me.