It looked almost right
But somehow not quite
So I made a small change
To a variable’s range

And then I uploaded,
To test what I’d coded.
But my heart sank
The screen had gone blank.

I examined my code and thought that I’d found it
The variable I’d changed needed brackets around it.
But adding the brackets did me no good
Though I was really quite sure that they should.

I tried coding the script in another way.
It still didn’t work though I thought that it may.
I changed it again, but try as I might
It looked like this would take me all night.

I decided that now it was time to go
And see what they said on Stack Overflow.
They agreed that my logic was perfectly good
Though it didn’t work, they thought that it should.

So I scrapped what I’d done and went back to the start
I re-wrote the code in the troublesome part.
This time it worked when tested again
So I started to look for the cause of my pain.

I compared my code – the new to the old
And if you’re a coder you won’t be surprised to be told
That the cause of my problem was that I forgot
To include a single tiny little dot.