Emots Just Want to Have Fun

Chico and Bill were going to the supermarket to do some shopping. They decided to take Harpo with them. That was a mistake – a BIG mistake.

When they got to the shop they saw a sign saying “SANTA ARRIVES ON WEDNESDAY”. Suddenly Harpo got excited. Chico and Bill thought that he was excited about the presents he hoped to get for Christmas. But Harpo had something else on his mind.

You see, this was one of those signs that have letters which can be changed around and Harpo had spotted a chance to have some fun.

Bill was keen to check out a nearby computer store, so he went off in that direction while Chico went into the supermarket, thinking that Harpo was right behind him.

It was just a few minutes until Chico realized that Harpo was missing and hurried back to the entrance. He spotted Harpo giggling as he admired his handiwork. The sign now read “SANTA DRIVES AWAY ON DEERS”.

Chico was too embarrassed to make a fuss, but he couldn’t help a little chuckle, as he hurried back inside the store with Harpo who was singing softly “Emots just want to have fun!”

A few minutes later that Chico heard a loud crash and realised that Harpo was missing again. Chico raced round the corned to see Harpo playing with tins of peaches. He had stacked up ten cans – four on the bottom, then three, then two and one on top in a kind of pyramid – and was rolling other cans down the aisle towards them. When he saw Chico, Harpo jumped up excited and called out “Hey, Chico, I’ve invented ten-tin bowling!”

Chico was getting furious. “This is shop, not a playground” he scolded.

“Why are you so serious?” said Harpo. “Emots just want to have fun!”

“Just don’t get out of my sight again” warned Chico. “I do have serious shopping to do.”

“Can I try one of the sample donuts from the lady down there” asked Harpo.

“I guess that’s okay” replied Chico.

Harpo ran down the aisle and took one of the donut samples. Then suddenly started yelling out “Oh no! I’ve broken my tooth!” as he produced a small white object from his mouth.

Chico hurried down the aisle to Harpo who winked at Chico and said softly “Emots just want to have fun!” The white object was just a Tic Tac that Harpo was pretending was a broken tooth.

Chico felt so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do.

Just then Bill arrived. “How’s it going? I was so interested in those computers that I almost forgot about the shopping. Have you got it all?” he asked.

Chico was almost in tears as he explained that he hadn’t managed to get any shopping done with all of Harpo’s antics.

“By the way, where is Harpo?” asked Bill.

“Oh no! Not again! What can he be up to now? I just can’t stand this!” cried Chico.

“Don’t worry” said Bill. “You get on with the shopping. I’ll find Harpo.”

It turned out that Harpo was in the next aisle, looking at the greeting cards.

“What are you up to now?” asked Bill.

“I’m looking for a card to cheer up Chico” he replied. “He’s so upset. I just wanted us to have some fun. And now I’m really sad too.”

“Don’t worry” said Bill. “You Emots are always getting yourselves into trouble like this if you go off by yourselves. I should have known better. Let’s go and see how Chico’s getting on.”

Chico was still very upset but had done as Bill had suggested and already had most of the shopping in his basket.

“Oh thank you, Bill!” said Chico when he saw his two friends. “I really was so upset that I just didn’t know what to. I’m so glad that you came along.”

“And I’m glad that you two guys were here, otherwise I’d probably still be in the computer store and never have gotten the shopping done. Let’s go home and have dinner” said Bill.

“Now, that’s the kind of fun we Emots should have!” commented Chico. And Harpo agreed.