Corn Flakes and Tomato Sauce

Gummo was sitting at the kitchen table eating something – something disgusting!

“What is that!?” asked Zeppo.

“Corn flakes and tomato sauce” replied Gummo.

“Corn flakes and what!” exclaimed Zeppo. “Don’t you know that you put milk on corn flakes – not tomato sauce!”

“Everyone knows that!” said Gummo. “But we didn’t have any milk. So I thought that tomato sauce might be all right.”

“And is it?” asked Zeppo.

“No!” said Gummo. “It’s absolutely disgusting.”

“Then why are you eating it?” asked Zeppo.

“Because toasted ice-cream sandwiches don’t work” replied Gummo.

“You had a toasted ice-cream sandwich?” asked Zeppo.

“No! Like I said, toasted ice-cream sandwiches don’t work. They make a terrible mess” said Gummo.

“Why would you even think of making a toasted ice-cream sandwich?” asked Zeppo.

“Because there was no cheese. I wanted a toasted cheese sandwich but there was no cheese. So, I though, ice-cream is kind of like cold cheese. So, I made an ice-cream sandwich. But when I tried to toast it, it made a real mess” explained Gummo.

“So, then you decided to have some corn flakes, but there was no milk?” suggested Zeppo.

“Oh no!” said Gummo. “Then I decided that what I really wanted was some chocolate crackles. I know how to make them – with rice bubbles and cocoa. But we didn’t have any cocoa. So I used pickles.”

“And how did the pickle crackles taste?” asked Zeppo.

“I don’t know – I put them in the fridge to set. And decided to have some corn flakes while I was waiting. They should be ready by now – do you want to try one?” offered Gummo.

“Ah, no thanks. I’m suddenly not very hungry” replied Zeppo.

Gummo was a bit disappointed that Zeppo wouldn’t try his crackles and decided to see what the other Mots thought of them. Usually the Mots, especially the Emots, are a hungry bunch but, strangely, nobody seemed at all hungry when Zeppo offered them his crackles. Finally, he found Bill, working away at his computer.

Bill hardly seemed to notice what Gummo said, he was concentrating so hard on whatever it was that he was doing. Gummo could never understand what Bill did on his computer. And he didn’t bother asking any more because, when Bill tried to explain, all of his strange words just made Gummo’s head spin and confused him even more.

Anyhow, Bill took one of Gummo’s pickle crackles and took a bite without seeming to notice what it was.

“Yuukkk!” exclaimed Bill. “What is that?”

“Like I said,” explained Gummo “it’s a pickle crackle.”

“I wasn’t listening” said Bill. “Quick, give me something to take away the taste.”

“Have some corn flakes and tomato sauce” suggested Gummo. “They’re not that bad.”

“Some what? Where do get there strange foods? Why don’t you eat nice, normal food like everyone else?” asked Bill.

“Because we never seem to have all the things that I need. I get really hungry, so I just eat whatever there is” explained Gummo.

“Why don’t you plan ahead? You should get the things that you will need before you need them. You know that you’re going to be hungry sooner or later.” asked Bill.

“Actually, I know that I will be hungry sooner,” replied Gummo. “In fact, I’m getting hungry now. Let’s check out the kitchen and see what there is to eat”

“No” said Bill. “Don’t you understand. You need to plan ahead.”

“Is that what you do?” asked Gummo.

“Sure” said Bill. “I plan ahead all of the time.”

“You must have lots of nice food, then. Could I have some?” asked Gummo.

“Umm – actually, I do plan but I never seem to get around to doing what I plan to do. So I don’t have any nice food either” confessed Bill.

“We’d better check out the kitchen, then” said Gummo. “I know that there’s some spaghetti and some strawberry syrup. That might work.”

“No, Gummo. That won’t work” said Bill. “First of all, you need to work out what you want and then get the things that you will need. And I need to make the effort to get the things that I have worked out that I need. You know, if we work together, we could make a great team!”

“Could we get some cheese?” asked Gummo. “Then we could have toasted cheese sandwiches. That’s what I wanted in the first place.”

“Sounds good to me!” said Bill. “Then we could put some of that strawberry syrup on the ice-cream for desert.”

“Oh!” said Gummo, looking very disappointed. “All of the ice-cream is melted all over the stove. There’s none left.” Then, suddenly, his face lit up. “We could get some more and bring it home and put in the fridge and eat our yummy toasted cheese sandwiches and THEN have ice-cream and strawberry syrup for desert.”

“I think you’ve got the idea” laughed Bill.

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