Off to the North Pole

Chico was searching in the garage for something fun to play with when he spotted two battered old skateboards lying under a pile of old wooden boxes in the corner.

“That looks like fun” thought Chico. “I wonder if I can ride two skateboards at once.”

He lined up the two skateboards, put his left foot on one skateboard and got his balance. Then quickly lifted his right foot onto the other skateboard. The left skateboard went forwards. The right skateboard went backwards. And Chico went downwards – with a thump!

“I don’t think that works too well” he thought. Then he thought some more. Finally, he thought: “What I need to do is attach the two skateboards together, so that they both go in the same direction.”

So, Chico got one of the old wooden boxes and nailed the two skateboards to the bottom of the box. Now, he could stand in the box and the skateboards and the box and Chico would all go in the same direction.

Chico stood in box but nothing happened. He couldn’t reach the ground to push himself along like on a scooter, so, he just stood there. Chico thought “I need a motor.”

But he didn’t have a motor. So he thought some more. Finally, he thought: “If I had a horse, it could pull me along.”

That was a great idea, except that Chico didn’t have a horse either.

Eventually, he thought of Jenny. Jenny was the Emots’ dog. Chico thought: “I could use Jenny to pull me along – just like an Eskimo dog-sled!”

So, Chico got some rope and attached the ends of the rope to his skateboards. Then, he made some reins and a kind of harness for Jenny and he was ready to go.

“Mush!” he called, just like the Eskimo’s do. Unfortunately, Jenny didn’t seem to speak Eskimo. But eventually she got the idea and Chico was off!

Jenny pulled the skateboard sled along the street and up the hill and headed for the park on the next corner. The Emots often took Jenny walking in the park and she seemed to have decided that that was where they were going now. That was fine with Chico. The park would be the perfect place to try out his dog-sled.

Chico and Jenny got some very strange looks as they made their way up the street. But Chico was having fun, imagining that he was an explorer heading for the North Pole.

When they got to the park, Jenny spotted some other dogs and started chasing them. Chico pretended that they were chasing a pack of wolves in the snow as they bumped across the grass. He was having a great time!

Eventually, Jenny got too tired pulling the sled to keep up with the wolves.

“I guess it’s time to head back to our igloo” said Chico as they started for home.

All went well until they reached the hill sloping down towards the house. The sled started to speed up and bump Jenny’s hind legs. Jenny tried to go faster but the sled kept speeding up and trying to push her even faster down the hill.

Finally, Jenny moved to the side, trying to get away from the speeding sled. The sled started to go past her but she pulled it the side. The sled rolled over. Chico rolled out and Jenny rolled on top of him.

“I think we have a small problem with going downhill” thought Chico. Then, he thought some more. Finally, he thought: “Jenny could ride in the sled with me!”

So, Chico climbed back in the sled. Jenny climbed in on top of him and they started slowly rolling down the hill. Then faster and faster still.

“This is great!” thought Chico as they raced towards the driveway of the Emots’ house. “But how do I steer into the driveway?”

This time, there wasn’t long enough for Chico to think up one of his great ideas and the sled missed the driveway and bumped across the grass towards the hedge.

“And how do I stop?” he thought as the sled crashed into the hedge. “Like that! I guess” he thought as he checked that no-one was hurt.

“Want to go again, Jenny?” he asked as Zeppo’s anxious voice from inside the house called out “Is that you Chico?”

“Sure. What’s up?” he asked, seeing the worried look on Zeppo’s face.

“Where have you been?” asked Zeppo. “We’ve all been frantic worrying about you.”

“I was just having fun” said Chico. “I made this great dog-sled and went off to find the North Pole but there was a pack of wolves and, then, I couldn’t steer and there were no brakes, so I crashed into the hedge. But I’m okay. Why were you worried?”

“A pack of wolves at the North pole!” exclaimed Zeppo. “Why didn’t you tell anyone where you were going?”

“Well, it just sort of developed” explained Chico. “I was having fun and everyone seemed busy. So, I didn’t want to bother them. Emots were supposed to have fun.”

“They are” said Zeppo. “But the reason we get to have so much fun is so that we can tell the Imots about it. That’s the most important thing we do.”

“But sometimes they don’t listen” said Chico.

“Then, we just have to keep making more and more fuss until they take notice” explained Zeppo. “Now, if you’re sure that you’re not hurt that and Jenny is okay, let’s go and tell everyone about your adventure. They’ve all been very worried you.”