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For Kids

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Vincent’s Story

Vincent Imot loves art but he doesn’t have the paint that that he needs. He finds some other things that he can use. What would you use?

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Groucho’s Story

Goucho is always complaining – about everything! Is it just too much or is there a way to turn his complaints into something useful

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Bill’s Story

Bill loves computers – and riddles. Can you solve his “problems” – or do you have a real problem to solve, like Groucho has?

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Zeppo’s Story

Zeppo has a wonderful imagination. But, when it gets dark, he imagines all sorts of terrible things. Albert may have a solution.

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Harpo’s Story

Harpo just wants to have fun – all of the time! Sometimes his idea of fun gets him into trouble.

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Gummo’s Story

Gummo just loves food – al kinds of food! But some of his recipes are a little strange. Would you like to try them?

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Albert’s Story

Albert loves “interesting” facts and decided to enter a quiz. How would you have done?

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Chico’s Story

Chico loves to play. Sometimes his games get a bit out of hand and Chico doesn’t understand why people get worried about him.

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Elvis’ Story

Elvis loves music. But his constant practice drives everyone crazy. But when everyone joins in, everyone loves Elvis’ music

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