The eMots and iMots were conceived by Mary Hendriks as a way of thinking about the conflict between the logical and emotional sides of our nature.

Let’s take a look inside our heads – well, not really – just imagine it! Hopefully, we will find a slimy, crinkly looking thing called a “brain”.

Imagine that your brain is a two-storey house and that house has an upstairs and a downstairs.

Upstairs, there are two big rooms and in these upstairs rooms we do our thinking. On the left side of the room, we do logical stuff – like adding numbers, reading and using computers. On the right, we do creative stuff – like painting, designing and playing music.

Let’s imagine that upstairs in our house is where the iMots live and they are the ones that do the thinking and planning. These iMots are very good at learning, but you have to keep on repeating things for them, so it can take a while for them to learn new stuff.

The iMots love to chatter among themselves, all of the time, which is the “talk” that goes on in our head when we are thinking.

What about the downstairs part of our house? This is the home of some more imaginary friends, this is where our eMots live. Our eMots are the guys that make us happy or sad, excited or bored, angry or calm. eMots love to play, and are always lots of fun except when they are trouble.

But eMots also get bored, and sometimes even angry when someone does something they don’t like. In this downstairs room, we are happy or sad, caring or angry, and all these are feelings. These feelings that eMots have are really fast, and they don’t stop to think like an iMot would.

And there is one very odd thing about this house – all of the windows and doors are downstairs. So our eMots always find out about what is happening outside first, and they have to tell the iMots about anything that just happened.

So our eMots tell the iMots how they feel about something new, and rush up the stairs or the ladders, to where the iMots live.

It can be a bit hectic, with eMots getting excited and iMots not sure what to do. And that’s how it works for most of us, our heads are full of eMots and iMots, and we sometimes don’t know who is boss, who is in charge.

Actually, once we discover how to live with our eMots and our iMots everything works better. We need our eMots, so that we can have fun and laugh and sometimes be sad, but we also need out iMots to really understand things and to do good work and to communicate better with other people.

That’s why, it’s important to understand how our eMots and iMots work and why it’s good when they work together.

So the stories are about the iMots – Bill and Albert and Elvis and Vincent who live upstairs. And downstairs we have the eMots, Harpo and Groucho and Zeppo and Chico and Gummo. Find out more about them as they tell their stories….